Neutrogena Fragrance Free Body Oil

  • 8.5-fluid ounce bottle of Neutrogena Fragrance-Free Body Oil, a moisturizer with a sesame oil formula that glides on easily for a sheer moisturizing experience to get nourished skin so smooth skin it looks silky
  • Lightweight body oil for dry skin pampers your skin as a sheer moisturizer that instantly vanishes and absorbs quickly into skin, providing essential hydration while locking in moisture without leaving a greasy feel
  • Light sesame oil formula is extracted from pure white sesame seeds, an ingredient that helps skin maintain its moisture balance while providing a subtle, soothing fragrance and leaving skin with a radiant, healthy-looking glow
  • This fragrance-free sesame body oil provides instant hydration and sheer nourishment for skin to help maintain essential moisture without the heavy feeling of a lotion
  • To use after a shower or bath as a skin oil, smooth on a few drops and massage oil onto body while skin is still damp. Add body oil to bath water and use as a bath oil to help soften and nourish your skin while you bathe


Neutrogena Fragrance Free Body Oil

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Discover the Neutrogena Fragrance-Free Body Oil, an 8.5-fluid ounce bottle of sheer moisturizing goodness. Formulated with sesame oil, this lightweight body oil effortlessly glides on to pamper your skin, leaving it silky smooth.

Lightweight Hydration: Pamper your dry skin with this sheer moisturizer that instantly absorbs, providing essential hydration without any greasy residue. Say goodbye to dryness and hello to nourished, silky skin.

Soothing Sesame Oil Formula: Extracted from pure white sesame seeds, our light sesame oil formula helps your skin maintain its moisture balance while imparting a subtle, soothing fragrance. Enjoy a radiant, healthy-looking glow with every use.

Fragrance-Free Hydration: Our fragrance-free sesame body oil offers instant hydration and sheer nourishment without any heavy feeling. Perfect for those who prefer a scent-free option but still want to maintain essential moisture.

Versatile Application: For soft, nourished skin, simply smooth a few drops onto your body after a shower or bath while your skin is still damp. You can also add this body oil to your bath water for an indulgent soak that leaves your skin feeling soft and hydrated. Say hello to silky smooth skin with Neutrogena Fragrance-Free Body Oil.


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